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Noah's Arkive - originally known as The International Veterinary Pathology Slide Bank - was conceived in the early 1980's as a repository of slides contributed by individuals and institutions around the world. More than 250 contributors from 13 countries submitted 2x2 slides for technical and medical screening.

Each slide was identified by contributor, institution, species, system, tissue or organ, and diagnosis or key words. All of this information was then entered into a computer database and cataloged for easy retrieval.

In 1986, the 3rd Edition was the first to become available in a digitized format - Laser Videodisc. In February 2008, with the 9th Edition, the slides became available as DVD subsets: Clinical Pathology, Canine, Feline, Equine, Porcine, Ruminant, and WHEAL (Wildlife, Human, Exotic Animals, Avian, Laboratory Animal).

In 2010, Noah's Arkive was rebuilt by the University of Georgia from the ground up. The subsets were merged, and the entire archive relaunched as a single web-based service; at long last becoming available to users of all web-capable operating systems.

As of 2017, Noah's Arkive is run by the Davis/Thompson Foundation at no charge, and has grown to include gross lesions, histopathology, normal histology, cytology and hematology, parasitology, poisonous plants, animals with/without clinical signs, schematics, radiographs, electron micrographs, and techniques.

Future plans include allowing submission of photos from the public, as well as allowing rating of photos to highlight particularly good depictions of diseases. Please contact the Foundation if you have suggestions!

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